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  • Can you Imagine if they are not rendomised? Within 5 minutes the cheapest possible way to build the squad will be up on futhead etc, then all of those player's prices will skyrocket, only for everyone to get the exact same card.

    I believe the challenge and more importantly the reward should be randomised. For example the challenge could be picked out of a pool of a few hundred or thousand different squads, and the card/reward could be picked out of a random pool as well.

    lets remember you will likely have to spend thousands to get a shitty 5k pack so it's not going to be useful to just go and buy every player, it's use is (potentially) untradable players and low rated cards that don't sell so you can at least get something in return for them with the addition of a few players to finish the team, they woudn't have introduced it if it was abusable so players will quickly find out that the sort of thing you mentioned is a waste of time

    in EA's view it is, if everyone can make significant easy profit then everyone has fifa coins, which raises prices for everyone constantly until players become extinct (like fifa 14 where fifa coins are out of control, I have 30 million, 84 rated cards going for 500k, high end players going for 50-100 million fifa coins doesn't make for a fun game), EA have spent months on this, they wont let us get easy fifa coins as that would have tens of millions of dollers in negative implications for them
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    12/15/17 at 1:00 AM
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FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges

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