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Project Financing

Take advantage of our interesting recommendation for corporate and project financing with the safe alternative of a reputable crowdfunding.

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We offer financing solutions for projects in all economic sectors::

– real estates  hotels  holiday resorts  health centre – retirement homes
– power plants  tidal power stations
– agricultural projects – plantations – bio-gas plants – food production
– water treatment plants – wastewater treatment plants.
– industrial equipment – manufacturing  airfields
– new technologies – patents  ideas worth financing. etc


DEALLYNETWORK combined with its partners and staff’s years of experience provide a full range of offshore financial services. The  services of DEALLYNETWORK include but are not limited to preparation, registration and management of offshore companies and trusts; opening  bank accounts; domestic incorporations.

DEALLYNETWORK is known for its commitment to ensure that all clients receive the highest standard of service available and that the service provided is done in an accurate, confidential, prompt, and efficient manner.

The answer is very easy. Buy a company with a current bank account and use it.

You can start your business immediately so do not need to wait months for the bank account. To open a bank account in these days is very hard and complicated, but not if we arrange it for you. You can only enjoy it.

We have companies with a live bank account, so you can get one immediately.

We can found your company in several offshore countries. 

If you do not need a company and bank account, just need an anonymous debit card, this is also possible. We offer anonymous VISA or MASTERCARD high withdrawal limit option. No name on the card, and the holder cannot be identified. Only the card number and date of expiry. Loading your debit card can be done anonymously.

If you are interested, please let us know.